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Made from 100% Natural Soy Wax, fine fragrance oils to achieve maximum scent throw. Made in Melbourne Australia...

Natural Cotton Wick (Lead FREE). Burn Wicked Candle for a clean, non toxic experience. VEGAN, NO paraffin, NO animal by-product, NO palm oil.

Individually hand-poured!

Hand made, hand poured and hand crafted ‘Artisan’ candles using the highest quality materials, and made in Melbourne, Australia.

Each product is carefully hand crafted and individually hand made ensuring the products are of the high standards and quality assurances Wicked Candle demand. Each product is hand made and packed with all the care and attention we pride ourselves on. The same pride and care is given to our customers and wholesalers. We return the phone calls and you speak to the ‘maker’ directly who can answer any questions you have.

A modern contemporary packaging design made from recycled high quality heavy black card and gold foil stamping, ensuring the highest quality products are used, specially made for you...

Packaged in an exquisite quality black gift box and gold foil stamped for a premium finish. Our glassware is designed for safety as a priority and our tins are specifically designed embossed and branded lids with dimples under the tins to sit ‘off’ your furniture.

We have specifically developed a range of scents that captures the essence of what Wicked Candle is about.

If you're unsure about any selections please get in contact and we will help wherever we can... There's a Wicked Candle to please each and everyone - from clean fresh citrus to warm and spicy, from calming & relaxing to enlivening and upbeat - choose the scent to set the mood. We continue to evolve and update our range and will keep you up to date what’s new!

Put simply, a quality candle doesn't need to cost the earth...
We have strategically developed a range that meets today's
eco friendly environment...

To the most avid candle burners, you will hear and understand... a candle doesn't have to cost the earth.  Everyone should be able to enjoy the gorgeous scents of a natural soy wax candle, without the harmful effects of the toxins.  Wicked Candle prides itself in this, not forgetting also that a sensible price point should also never be forgotten, so it really doesn't cost the earth...

If you have wholesale inquiries or large orders please contact us directly to discuss.

If it's a specific need and personalised for an event we can discuss the various options available to you.  We can cater for corporate events, weddings, Christenings, birthdays, or other special days etc. Whatever your needs are we can assist you.